We design and manufacture high quality fiberoptic light source equipment. We offer private labeling of products, packaging and instructions to reflect your company's needs.  Our products are manufactured in the U.S. and provide outstanding value and performance. We guarantee customer satisfaction with a one year warranty on all parts and labor (excluding lamps).


Below, are examples of our most popular systems.  We also offer the components individually that may be used in combinations to suit specific purposes.

Our most popular system includes the ECO-150, 180 watt light source and the BG-018 self-supporting, bifurcated light guide.

The dual light guide, featuring vinyl-clad gooseneck sheathing, puts the light where it is needed.  This system is well suited for; stereo microscopes, two-station illumination, laboratory uses, color-balanced micro-photography, and anywhere precise light placement and low vibration are important.


The ECO-20, 20 watt light source and the BG-470, 18" obedient, gooseneck, dual light guide is a low cost alternative.

This system can be used independently for illumination from any angle, or to interface directly to stereo microscope ports.  An economical solution to many lighting requirements.



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